Dege Eco Village construction project is located in Kigamboni district in Dar es Salaam.
The project covers 300 acres and comprises of 7460 apartments for selling.The construction started in January 2014


With the overcrowded markets and constant construction in major metropolitan areas in Tanzania, it is quite difficult to know how to distinguish the property. Modern consumers go for the brands that provide on-demand, personalized experiences; traditional media are no longer enough. That’s why DEGE Eco Village wanted to move with the times and embrace digital transformation as a touchstone of marketing strategy to impress their clients.


  • The team created a solid digital presence including logo design, website portal, social media and print material.
  • Implemented an effective digital strategy with the right commercial real estate marketing tools to increase success for marketing DEGE commercial real estate and add value to the business.


  • A massive customer acquisition was seen within the first week of the launch. A number of patients registered for a walk-in checkup, out of which 80% registered for periodic checkup.
  • The strategic social media campaign enables Endocrinology Center of Utah to reach target audience, drive leads and retain customers, ultimately turning them into brand’s evangelists.