Sheeba Kapadia has been a part of the fashion industry for over a decade. She has joined hands with business partner and co-founder, Raafia Omer Salman, to create a fashion label which is aimed to create a panache of its own


To create a brand persona and designer brand identity kit. An identity is the heart of a brand which is why we created and worked on a unique logo and visual language that will last along with a strong celebrity endorsement PR plan and execution.


Create a logo which resonates with high end luxury, has a unique look and feel to it - the brand identity was to be developed hence defining the tone and voice of the brand


  • Created a logo and brand identity for the designer which stood out from the rest
  • The logo is meant to embody the brand and the designer’s signature. Peacock, which is the brand’s insignia, represents the possessor of the most admired human characteristics including dignity, integrity, self-confidence and above all, beauty.
  • It is distinguished from all other birds due to its stunning feathers and eerie calls, which embellishes the brand’s image to be distinct in the fashion industry.
  • The eyes on its feathers epiomize the brand’s vision to gauge its present image against future trend expectations in the light of the traditional past.

Quick Facts